Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010

just figured out that i'm meeting a high quality one night drinking buddy again. tim murphy of canadian rifle is responsable for a bad hang over i had in chicago, so it's paybacktime on april 30th

upcoming show

April 5th: Ritual | Ills | Lighthouse
"illusions burn. breathing hurts. knuckles bleed. this world means shit to me." (ritual, nov. 2008)

@: Kafe Kult | Oberföhringer Str. 156 | 81925 München
doors: 8:30 pm
à la carte: Burger und Fritten

@: Kafe Marat | Thalkirchner Str. 104 | 80337 München
doors: 8:00 pm (wie üblich beim Freitagskafé)
à la carte tba.

May 25th: Total Abuse (tbc)

@: tba
à la carte: tba

September 24th: The Uzbeks (tbc)

@: tba
à la carte: tba

let's get things started

i guess this will eather end up to be a complete waste of time or it will end some time soon and never be updated again. i started reading blogs regularly a couple of weeks ago. duh! it's 2010, ich merk's selber!
here's my two faves:

anyway, it might be a good way to let some people know about shows, records and leisure activities i'm involved in. i doubt it's going to be a big audience success, but those people who have visited a partygarage show yet will know that i seriously don't care about that kind of shit!

here's to good times!
KISS (keep it short & simple)
still p.a.r.t.y.g.a.r.a.g.e.