Samstag, 20. November 2010

Uz Uz Uzbeks

Damn it, Doc 'n Meth where in town last night but the show was sold out! Nonbody can even believe how pissed I am and will be for the rest of my life!

Something to chear me up:
Alrighty, havent update this thing in a while. For that nobody knows of the great Uzbeks "Goggles & FlipFlops" LP being the first record to be released AND available through Partygarage!

so YES, this wax beauty is here!

Available on PINK or YELLOW vinyl.

Long awaited debut LP from these Tel Aviv youngsters. Enfantile yet powerful melodic punk, frisky guitars, tight rhythms and raw vocals that might sound familiar from thrashers MONDO GECKO. What you get is a perfect mix of California (Youth Brigade, DxIx) and Chicago (The Effigies, Naked Raygun) with a cool distinct aesthetic to it. REC-O_ROB Robin Völkert made sure you get the best sound in punk. WOLF ATTACK, HERE THEY COME

Check out what happens when Uzbeks play a crust-punk wedding in france

Listen to the Uzbeks here or here

to get the record you can either contact me through partygarage (a) or place an order at taken by surprise records along with ordering some other nice punk diamonds&pearls at michl's!!!

Since I'm busy as fuck, i'm slowing down on shows for the next couple of months. Still I'm sure, Bad Lieutenant Johannes will be organising some great entertainment for the punx.
Krampus will be happy to witness I Had Plans, Adorno and June Paik on dec. 6th at Kafe Marat. I'll post an update on that soon!

If you need a cheer up at work, school or in between jerking off, read oise's blog about his experiences while on tour: You.Are.Not.A.Slave.

a word from the wise: "im Winter trainieren im Sommer präsentieren!!!" (Munich Muscle Beach)