Freitag, 3. September 2010

September Update

the moody summer of 2010 is gone. no problem, can't imagine it could get any worse.
As every year, september is the month of "should i stay or should i go" hundreds of show that kill the punkconsumers thirst for hapenings within a weeks time, just like that.
also we're preparing for failure with two shows during Oktoberfest, the annual Wildsauparty that you might know from your favorite pornchannel.

also, partygarage as a "label" is finally getting it's hands on it's first baby (since Backstab Warning still can't get their shit together). The Uzbeks LP will be here for the bands releaseshow at Neokeller in Minga.

so, shows in September, let's get started:

11.9 Kachel + Alarmstufe Gerd + BBQ + Party (marat)

Kachel are celebrating the release of their split 7" with PottPunx Sidetracked out on Munich's Final Exit Records and some other label. Johannes is freaking out on making this the best party since the closing of the Gasworks in Aurora. You better get yours asses out there, world!

16.9 Urban Blight + Junk Messiah (marat)

Toronto's Urban Blight have the shorted releases in punk. They like getting their point across with just one punch. Eat this! MORE REALITY! Get confronted with the massive pile of shards in societies backyard.

Junk Messiah from Zagreb just love to play fierce hc-punk in the vein of tear it up or the rites. never following trends this is a 110% live hardcore band that will spin the bandana underneath your flipcap.

23.9 Endearment, Uzbeks (neokeller)

Endearment is a young german indie band, that tries to get their shit together living in 3 different cities around shitmany, even though, we all down here in bavaria doubt that a city called Bielefeld exists (sorry, this is too old, but whenever i hear Bielefeld i have the urge to bullshitize). Also these fine young lads spared me the trouble of organizing a full show, since they helped the Uzbeks jump on and enjoy this newer Munich Nietenpunk-Graceland.

Uzbeks from Tel Aviv remind me of deutschpunk heroes Schleimkeim. Reason enough for Partygarage to participate in the release of their first Album (other labels involved are Twintoe Records, Urban Decay Records, Subwix, Dingleberry and That Lux Good). Furios liveband, trust me!

26.9 Bernays Propaganda (glocke)

Bernays Propaganda from Skopje is one of my favorite bands right now. talented to the max, innovative like no other band in the wide spectrum of DIY-Hardcore-Punk-whatever, they just do what the like, not following any trends and constantly expending their creative space by pushing their limits through challenging themselves. This happens musicwise AND in content. Try to get them on the phone? You won't be fortunate. These are the hardest touring individuals in Punk, each having minimum trillion-gasilllion bands, labels, booking agencies, driving duties.

They are bringing their new Record called "My Personal Holiday", which is just pure ear candy and will make your ears jiggle joggle esp. if you're into dischord stuff and gang of 4.

After the show a party will take place, so show starts early (around 8 pm). bring some time, and stay for the party, oh yeah!

thank yous and neverending love this time:
Döni for Flyer
Frank from Glockenbachwerkstatt, Andi und Anja from Kafe Marat and Endearment for helping the bands with a place to play
Flo Trapdoor for his endless patience!

hi fives