Samstag, 20. November 2010

Uz Uz Uzbeks

Damn it, Doc 'n Meth where in town last night but the show was sold out! Nonbody can even believe how pissed I am and will be for the rest of my life!

Something to chear me up:
Alrighty, havent update this thing in a while. For that nobody knows of the great Uzbeks "Goggles & FlipFlops" LP being the first record to be released AND available through Partygarage!

so YES, this wax beauty is here!

Available on PINK or YELLOW vinyl.

Long awaited debut LP from these Tel Aviv youngsters. Enfantile yet powerful melodic punk, frisky guitars, tight rhythms and raw vocals that might sound familiar from thrashers MONDO GECKO. What you get is a perfect mix of California (Youth Brigade, DxIx) and Chicago (The Effigies, Naked Raygun) with a cool distinct aesthetic to it. REC-O_ROB Robin Völkert made sure you get the best sound in punk. WOLF ATTACK, HERE THEY COME

Check out what happens when Uzbeks play a crust-punk wedding in france

Listen to the Uzbeks here or here

to get the record you can either contact me through partygarage (a) or place an order at taken by surprise records along with ordering some other nice punk diamonds&pearls at michl's!!!

Since I'm busy as fuck, i'm slowing down on shows for the next couple of months. Still I'm sure, Bad Lieutenant Johannes will be organising some great entertainment for the punx.
Krampus will be happy to witness I Had Plans, Adorno and June Paik on dec. 6th at Kafe Marat. I'll post an update on that soon!

If you need a cheer up at work, school or in between jerking off, read oise's blog about his experiences while on tour: You.Are.Not.A.Slave.

a word from the wise: "im Winter trainieren im Sommer präsentieren!!!" (Munich Muscle Beach)

Freitag, 3. September 2010

September Update

the moody summer of 2010 is gone. no problem, can't imagine it could get any worse.
As every year, september is the month of "should i stay or should i go" hundreds of show that kill the punkconsumers thirst for hapenings within a weeks time, just like that.
also we're preparing for failure with two shows during Oktoberfest, the annual Wildsauparty that you might know from your favorite pornchannel.

also, partygarage as a "label" is finally getting it's hands on it's first baby (since Backstab Warning still can't get their shit together). The Uzbeks LP will be here for the bands releaseshow at Neokeller in Minga.

so, shows in September, let's get started:

11.9 Kachel + Alarmstufe Gerd + BBQ + Party (marat)

Kachel are celebrating the release of their split 7" with PottPunx Sidetracked out on Munich's Final Exit Records and some other label. Johannes is freaking out on making this the best party since the closing of the Gasworks in Aurora. You better get yours asses out there, world!

16.9 Urban Blight + Junk Messiah (marat)

Toronto's Urban Blight have the shorted releases in punk. They like getting their point across with just one punch. Eat this! MORE REALITY! Get confronted with the massive pile of shards in societies backyard.

Junk Messiah from Zagreb just love to play fierce hc-punk in the vein of tear it up or the rites. never following trends this is a 110% live hardcore band that will spin the bandana underneath your flipcap.

23.9 Endearment, Uzbeks (neokeller)

Endearment is a young german indie band, that tries to get their shit together living in 3 different cities around shitmany, even though, we all down here in bavaria doubt that a city called Bielefeld exists (sorry, this is too old, but whenever i hear Bielefeld i have the urge to bullshitize). Also these fine young lads spared me the trouble of organizing a full show, since they helped the Uzbeks jump on and enjoy this newer Munich Nietenpunk-Graceland.

Uzbeks from Tel Aviv remind me of deutschpunk heroes Schleimkeim. Reason enough for Partygarage to participate in the release of their first Album (other labels involved are Twintoe Records, Urban Decay Records, Subwix, Dingleberry and That Lux Good). Furios liveband, trust me!

26.9 Bernays Propaganda (glocke)

Bernays Propaganda from Skopje is one of my favorite bands right now. talented to the max, innovative like no other band in the wide spectrum of DIY-Hardcore-Punk-whatever, they just do what the like, not following any trends and constantly expending their creative space by pushing their limits through challenging themselves. This happens musicwise AND in content. Try to get them on the phone? You won't be fortunate. These are the hardest touring individuals in Punk, each having minimum trillion-gasilllion bands, labels, booking agencies, driving duties.

They are bringing their new Record called "My Personal Holiday", which is just pure ear candy and will make your ears jiggle joggle esp. if you're into dischord stuff and gang of 4.

After the show a party will take place, so show starts early (around 8 pm). bring some time, and stay for the party, oh yeah!

thank yous and neverending love this time:
Döni for Flyer
Frank from Glockenbachwerkstatt, Andi und Anja from Kafe Marat and Endearment for helping the bands with a place to play
Flo Trapdoor for his endless patience!

hi fives

Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

22.07 Adorno, Eric Ayotte, G.E.F. | Kafe Kult

Kafe Kult

Adorno (Portugal)

“We are 4 kids split in half by a river between Lisbon and Almada. Just put some friendship, punk-diy and some delay pedals on the boat plus the motivation to keep sailing to have some fun and meet new places.”
Intensiver schneller und melodiöser Post-Hardcore aus Portugal der vorallem durch Vielschichtigkeit und mitreissenden Gesang überzeugt!


Eric Ayotte (Bloomington, USA)

“Singer of Halo Fauna’s solo acoustic thing, which seems to be the rage these days. If you’ve ever seen Eric you know how heartfelt his songs are. He’s been playing shows recently with his traveling film festival, combining it into a 1:2 punch of music and movies. Recently he put out an album of songs he wrote to his grandfather’s poetry. It’s some pretty amazing stuff.”
Sympathischer und eingängiger Lofi-Folkpunk auf Plan-it-X. File under: GHOST MICE, PAUL BARIBEAU, JUNE MADRONA …


G.E.F. (München)

vor etwa einem jahr ereignete sich eine begegnung an der wuerschtelbude am frankfurter ring, deren folgen zu diesem zeitpunkt nicht abzusehen war. der russische techno dj juri auf der flucht vor einer niederbayrischen mofa gaeng und die franzoesischen brueder maison auf der flucht vor der guillotine, trafen sich auf eine eitrige. geboren war G.E.F.

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010


As to be expected I suck at things one constantly needs to take care of.
Couple of awesome shows passed, incredible records made their ways through my auditory canal, travelled, met great people, seen incredible amounts of orange-scarf-zombies, got a haircut ......

recap: last contribution feb. 24th., today is may 19th

4.4 mind trap, memorial, infected, suckinim baenaim

suckinim ruled, as always! this is one of the best livebands i've ever seen, no doubt! felt good to meet these good friends again, got tahini for breakfast, .... come back soon!!!!!

all the other bands sounded just the same, looked the same, acted the same, moved the same, showed up late the same, needed incredible amounts of time to get on stage the same (that was probably to mark the fact, that actually a new band got on stage!) anyway, as euphoric we were about that show, as dissapointing it was, not only musicwise but also personally.

5.4. ills, ritual

great show, great people great food, a lot of friends. unfortunatelly lighthouse had to cancel short term. i wouldn't care about hardcore, if it wasn't for bands like ritual and nights like these!
thany to kafe kult and all the helping hands

30.4 canadian rifle, no slogan

friday night kafe marat is normally a sure shot. this night was no doubt beyond any partygarage show ever before. shitloads of people, all in a partymood, two exceptional bands and awesome people. getting lifted in a bar like i was a blanket, also made me feel pretty confortable with my lovepackages

some messiah-dude on facebook predicted this:

Two of the best punk bands you will ever see... mark those words!

he was 100% right!

big up to FREITAGSKAFE!!!

so what's next?

right now there seems to be at least one good show every night in this town
i'm for sure not missing these diamonds and pearls:

may 19th: viscious cycle, union town (kult)
may 21st: digger barnes (kopfeck)
may 25th: total abuse, the high society (marat)
may 28th: cola freaks (marat)

!!!!!!!!COMMERCIAL BREAK!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!NEXT ON PARTYGARAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TOTAL ABUSE (Austin | Brooklyn | USA)

Sections of the music might recall acts such as Poison Idea, early Black Flag, as well as the modern weirdo hardcore of Cult Ritual and Drunkdriver, but this record is distinctly Total Abuse. Challenging, uncompromising, a wake-up-call in every sense of the phrase, Mutt is the most original punk album I've heard in 2010.

Dirty as a drag rat's pit, hungry for punishment, and proud of its scabs -- get bit.


zis is ze best german deutschpunk band!

smart music that punx nowerdays can't deal with. yes, these kids got an opinion instead of a myspace

Total Abuse
The High Society
make a mark

thanx for your time
still p.a.r.t.y.g.a.r.g.e.

soon more to come

Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

4.4. Mind Trap | Memorial | Infected (kafe marat)

mind trap (wien | hardcore)
not unlike bands such as ceremony, bracewar and trash talk, currently enjoyed by certain glockenbachhipsters. warm up to the highly anticipated trash talk show later that month

memorial (rosswein | ddr)
don't know when this phenomenon of infest worshipping started?! i don't mind, i like

infected (dresden | ddr)
they also got the fast parts but unlike both other bands combine it with uncompromising, kinda athmospheric-doomy fade outs/breakdowns. really self-contained style & probably my personal favorite of the night!

you should def. give these youngsters a chance!

the show takes place here. come in numbers and bring your friends!

upcoming shows:
april 4th: mind trap | memorial | infected (marat)
april 5th: ritual | ills | lighthouse ( kult)
april 30th: canadian rifle | no slogan (marat)
mai 25th: total abuse | tba. (tba.)
june 2nd: dear landlord | tba. (marat)
sept. 24th: the uzbeks | tba. (tba.)

Montag, 1. März 2010

football, soccer, blablabla

last friday has to be filed under pure awesomeness.

SCHALKE (the most beautiful girl in the world) kicked BVB's (the biggest pile of skunks shit out of a giant skunk's skunkass) asses. not even that, the homophobe, racisist peace of shit roman weidenfeller seems to be unsatisfied with only hating the "schwarze sau" and the "schwule sau" so he punched his teammate hummels in the face and broke his jaw! nice!

i myself was so
excited over the 2:1 of Ivan Rakitic short before the finalk whistle that i punched a painting off the wall of hagen's wonderful "Glockenbachstüberl". As a footballmaniac he understood my emotional reaction. I'm excited to know what costs i'm facing.

the rest of the weekend was basically climbin
g stairs with heavy stuff in my hands

i also got tons of n
ew music lately, that i currently can't listen to beca
use my reordplayer is broken. speaking
of records, the 2009 demo of charlotteville's TOTAL WRECK blew my mind. simple early 80ies
east coast no bullshit hardcore with unbeliev
able vocal skills. this dude spits more words than T.I. and you can clearly understand each single vocable. they also got a brand new ep ou
t now which you can order at grave mistake a
nd probably somewhere else as well.

Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010

just figured out that i'm meeting a high quality one night drinking buddy again. tim murphy of canadian rifle is responsable for a bad hang over i had in chicago, so it's paybacktime on april 30th

upcoming show

April 5th: Ritual | Ills | Lighthouse
"illusions burn. breathing hurts. knuckles bleed. this world means shit to me." (ritual, nov. 2008)

@: Kafe Kult | Oberföhringer Str. 156 | 81925 München
doors: 8:30 pm
à la carte: Burger und Fritten

@: Kafe Marat | Thalkirchner Str. 104 | 80337 München
doors: 8:00 pm (wie üblich beim Freitagskafé)
à la carte tba.

May 25th: Total Abuse (tbc)

@: tba
à la carte: tba

September 24th: The Uzbeks (tbc)

@: tba
à la carte: tba

let's get things started

i guess this will eather end up to be a complete waste of time or it will end some time soon and never be updated again. i started reading blogs regularly a couple of weeks ago. duh! it's 2010, ich merk's selber!
here's my two faves:

anyway, it might be a good way to let some people know about shows, records and leisure activities i'm involved in. i doubt it's going to be a big audience success, but those people who have visited a partygarage show yet will know that i seriously don't care about that kind of shit!

here's to good times!
KISS (keep it short & simple)
still p.a.r.t.y.g.a.r.a.g.e.