Montag, 1. März 2010

football, soccer, blablabla

last friday has to be filed under pure awesomeness.

SCHALKE (the most beautiful girl in the world) kicked BVB's (the biggest pile of skunks shit out of a giant skunk's skunkass) asses. not even that, the homophobe, racisist peace of shit roman weidenfeller seems to be unsatisfied with only hating the "schwarze sau" and the "schwule sau" so he punched his teammate hummels in the face and broke his jaw! nice!

i myself was so
excited over the 2:1 of Ivan Rakitic short before the finalk whistle that i punched a painting off the wall of hagen's wonderful "Glockenbachstüberl". As a footballmaniac he understood my emotional reaction. I'm excited to know what costs i'm facing.

the rest of the weekend was basically climbin
g stairs with heavy stuff in my hands

i also got tons of n
ew music lately, that i currently can't listen to beca
use my reordplayer is broken. speaking
of records, the 2009 demo of charlotteville's TOTAL WRECK blew my mind. simple early 80ies
east coast no bullshit hardcore with unbeliev
able vocal skills. this dude spits more words than T.I. and you can clearly understand each single vocable. they also got a brand new ep ou
t now which you can order at grave mistake a
nd probably somewhere else as well.

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