Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

4.4. Mind Trap | Memorial | Infected (kafe marat)

mind trap (wien | hardcore)
not unlike bands such as ceremony, bracewar and trash talk, currently enjoyed by certain glockenbachhipsters. warm up to the highly anticipated trash talk show later that month

memorial (rosswein | ddr)
don't know when this phenomenon of infest worshipping started?! i don't mind, i like

infected (dresden | ddr)
they also got the fast parts but unlike both other bands combine it with uncompromising, kinda athmospheric-doomy fade outs/breakdowns. really self-contained style & probably my personal favorite of the night!

you should def. give these youngsters a chance!

the show takes place here. come in numbers and bring your friends!

upcoming shows:
april 4th: mind trap | memorial | infected (marat)
april 5th: ritual | ills | lighthouse ( kult)
april 30th: canadian rifle | no slogan (marat)
mai 25th: total abuse | tba. (tba.)
june 2nd: dear landlord | tba. (marat)
sept. 24th: the uzbeks | tba. (tba.)

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