Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010


As to be expected I suck at things one constantly needs to take care of.
Couple of awesome shows passed, incredible records made their ways through my auditory canal, travelled, met great people, seen incredible amounts of orange-scarf-zombies, got a haircut ......

recap: last contribution feb. 24th., today is may 19th

4.4 mind trap, memorial, infected, suckinim baenaim

suckinim ruled, as always! this is one of the best livebands i've ever seen, no doubt! felt good to meet these good friends again, got tahini for breakfast, .... come back soon!!!!!

all the other bands sounded just the same, looked the same, acted the same, moved the same, showed up late the same, needed incredible amounts of time to get on stage the same (that was probably to mark the fact, that actually a new band got on stage!) anyway, as euphoric we were about that show, as dissapointing it was, not only musicwise but also personally.

5.4. ills, ritual

great show, great people great food, a lot of friends. unfortunatelly lighthouse had to cancel short term. i wouldn't care about hardcore, if it wasn't for bands like ritual and nights like these!
thany to kafe kult and all the helping hands

30.4 canadian rifle, no slogan

friday night kafe marat is normally a sure shot. this night was no doubt beyond any partygarage show ever before. shitloads of people, all in a partymood, two exceptional bands and awesome people. getting lifted in a bar like i was a blanket, also made me feel pretty confortable with my lovepackages

some messiah-dude on facebook predicted this:

Two of the best punk bands you will ever see... mark those words!

he was 100% right!

big up to FREITAGSKAFE!!!

so what's next?

right now there seems to be at least one good show every night in this town
i'm for sure not missing these diamonds and pearls:

may 19th: viscious cycle, union town (kult)
may 21st: digger barnes (kopfeck)
may 25th: total abuse, the high society (marat)
may 28th: cola freaks (marat)

!!!!!!!!COMMERCIAL BREAK!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!NEXT ON PARTYGARAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TOTAL ABUSE (Austin | Brooklyn | USA)

Sections of the music might recall acts such as Poison Idea, early Black Flag, as well as the modern weirdo hardcore of Cult Ritual and Drunkdriver, but this record is distinctly Total Abuse. Challenging, uncompromising, a wake-up-call in every sense of the phrase, Mutt is the most original punk album I've heard in 2010.

Dirty as a drag rat's pit, hungry for punishment, and proud of its scabs -- get bit.


zis is ze best german deutschpunk band!

smart music that punx nowerdays can't deal with. yes, these kids got an opinion instead of a myspace

Total Abuse
The High Society
make a mark

thanx for your time
still p.a.r.t.y.g.a.r.g.e.

soon more to come

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