Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Uzbeks XaXaXa Bernays Propaganda

everybody listen to the brandnew snaps EP by Uzbeks on Soundcloud, then get the tape from them. it's gigageil, seriously!

you can still get their "goggles & flipflops" LP from me, it's 12€ ppd in germany or 10€ if you come over to lower gizing and pick it up. for int. shipping, i'll have to check for prices. 

also, everybody come to the show tomorrow night at kafe kult. it's going to be a blast, no doubt! both bands from skopje macedonia. XaXaXa is inspired by the dc revolution summer bands (Fugazi, etc) or hüsker dü. Bernays Propaganda play great danceable post-punk/new wave.

ride your bikes over to kafe kult and enjoy. it's 6€ to fun. see you at the bar!

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